Inspired by Creativity in Space and Time...   


Established in April 2016, SpaceTime Performing Arts aims to give all members of society the opportunity to access the arts through learning and involvement. Through acting classes, piano lessons, and workshops, we aim to develop a passion for creativity and learning while building skills that can be used in everyday life!


What are the Benefits of Performing Arts?

Read about why we at SpaceTime Performing Arts strongly believe that everyone, no matter their age or experience, can benefit from acting classes and piano lessons.

Benefits of Performing Arts!

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Two Shot Scene GreenRoom Show


Learn more about SpaceTime Performing Arts, the people behind it and what we aim to achieve through out passion for performance.


Creativity is inside all of us.

 To be creative is to express ourselves through whatever medium we choose. A stage,  a piano, a piece of paper, or a canvas, the choice is yours alone. Take the leap to express yourself and you will never regret it...